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Kristina Hallberg


I am running a half-marathon fundraising for Golden Retriever Research. Please help me by making a donation!

We lost our fur babies, Olive and Dakota, very suddenly and unexpectedly. For me, it was one of the saddest and most traumatic experiences to go through. As I go through the grief process, I am reminded of the lesson of impermanence. Instead of focusing on the loss, I work hard to remember all the fun times we had with them. I want to do something big for them, for my healing and for other dogs as well.

For those interested in a few more details... On August 31st 2020, Olive (3 yrs old) had a great a day of playing, eating and being herself. We found her unresponsive late afternoon and rushed her to the vet for CPR. The necropsy showed lung damage from a previous diagnosis of Valley Fever, which she was being treated for and doing well. The doctor suspected a blood clot to her lungs. I worked with my therapist to grieve and process the shock and trauma of it all.

Moving forward, Dakota (5 yrs old) was diagnosed with Valley Fever Dec. 2021. He was being treated and doing really well. He was his happy lovable self. On Dec. 25th 2021, Christmas morning, Brian went to wake him up (he slept under our bed every night :-)) and he did not wake up. As you can imagine, we were devastated and in disbelief. We do not have all our answers from the necropsy but think it could have been something acute, as well as a genetic factor with both of them.

We loved them very much and always will.

THANK YOU so much for your support and I'll keep you posted on race day May 1st, 2022!!

You are welcome to follow along on my Insta @puploveandpinot. I will do my best to update you along the way :-)

XOXO, Kris

NOTE: If you donated from my previous marathon page don't worry everything has been transferred over :-)

Here is more information on the Morris Animal Foundation


Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds science to advance the health of animals around the world. Since its founding in 1948, the Foundation has invested over $155 million in more than 2,700 studies that have led to significant breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments and preventions to benefit animals worldwide. Please help me support advancing the health of animals everywhere by contributing to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your friends and family. Every dollar we raise will advance this great cause!

Ask how you can get involved, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals!

Mr Dakota enjoying some peanut butter when he was a pup.


Olive enjoying a little pizza when she was a pup


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