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Apple The Golden

Apple The Golden

Apple The Golden Hemangiosarcoma Initiative Fundraiser

Apple was a charismatic golden retriever who made a difference in thousands of lives. She was a fabulous therapy dog, a skilled canine athlete (with more than 60 AKC titles), a model who appeared in commercials and walked in LA Fashion week, and a social media influencer.

In May 2023, an OncoK9 blood biopsy test for the early detection of cancer returned a cancer signal detected result. Many diagnostic tests ensued to try to find the cancer, with no definitive finding. Apple continued to share joy as a therapy dog, compete in multiple canine sports (including at the Golden Retriever National Specialty in Oregon in September 2023), and explore beautiful places.

On October 31, 2023, a CT scan found a mass on Apple's heart, with metastasis to the lungs, likely hemangiosarcoma. The surgeon who had done the CT scan warned that the prognosis was poor, even with chemo and/or radiation.

On January 24, 2024, Apple lost her hemangiosarcoma battle. She was 6 weeks shy of her 11th birthday. Until hours before her death, Apple remained mostly asymptomatic and enjoyed a good quality of life. Although Apple had been retired from all of her canine sports after her hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, she continued to adventure and enjoy life. Apple's treatment was guided by some of the best holistic vets and experts in the country, with the goal of a good quality of life for Apple for as long as possible.

Apple was her family's second golden retriever. Their first golden retriever (Roxy) died suddenly in 2010, with no advance warning that she was sick. She was 9 years old. The vets said the cause of death likely was hemangiosarcoma.

Hemangiosarcoma is the cancer that most commonly afflicts golden retrievers. It also commonly afflicts other breeds and mixed breeds. A dog dies from hemangiosarcoma in the United States every two minutes. Despite this sobering statistic, there has not been enough research into hemangiosarcoma because it is a cancer that rarely occurs in humans.

Apple's family hopes that some day the causes of hemangiosarcoma will be identified. Apple's family hopes that some day there will be effective treatments for hemangiosarcoma. Apple's family hopes that some day hemangiosarcoma will become less common and will not be a death sentence.

Apple's family is grateful to the Morris Animal Foundation for launching the Hemangiosarcoma Initiative to dedicate resources to Hemangiosarcoma research. Please join Apple's family in supporting this initiative, in the hopes that some day dog owners won't receive the devastating news that their dog's prognosis is poor if there is a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis.


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