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In Memory of Reser - STOP CANCER FUREVER

Parker Pup

In Memory of Reser - STOP CANCER FUREVER

On April 3, 2023 Hero Reser stopped eating. He didn’t get up to greet me when I got home from work and didn’t want a banana when it was offered to him. My heart broke that this is how is was going to happen—my boy was telling me he was in pain.

I quickly drove him to the Emergency Clinic and went over his symptoms, which had began about a month prior with what we assumed were seizures. He was on meds and hadn’t had any further seizures, but these new developments screamed out to me that there was definitely something wrong. Unfortunately my worst fear was confirmed—suspected hemangiosarcoma of the heart. It was then that I decided I could not put him through fighting when it was clear he was not comfortable. I held my sweet boy’s paw and stroked his ears as he gently passed and met up with Parker at the rainbow bridge. His pain was gone, and mine only just starting.

There are 3,044 hero dogs in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Some have already passed on, and some are still doing their annual study visits. Each one gives so much to this study and to all dogs as we learn more and more about the health issues our dogs face. My hope is that one day the word cancer will be a thing of the past—something that isn’t necessarily a death sentence. My heartache is something so many animal lovers face and I’m sure every single person visiting this page has their own story to tell.

This month we are rolling out our brand new cancer vest. This one is blank. It’s a clean slate. Unfortunately it will fill up. But we want to honor those who have fought or are fighting cancer. We will add any name requested, and if you are so inclined, any donation would be so appreciated and go to support the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the very study Reser and 3,043 other goldens are a part of.

The Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is one of the largest, most comprehensive prospective canine health studies in the United States. The Study’s purpose is to identify the nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and genetic risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs. Each year, with the help of veterinarians and dog owners, the Foundation collects health, environmental and behavioral data on 3,000+ enrolled golden retrievers. Please help me support advancing the health of dogs everywhere by contributing to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your friends and family. Every dollar we raise will advance this great cause!


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