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Betty White and her animal friends trivia

All About You Entertainment, Inc.

Betty White and her animal friends trivia

Let’s make a difference for animals!

Since its founding in 1948, Morris Animal Foundation has grown to be one of the world’s leading funders of scientific research to improve animal health. Thanks to the support of generous donors and partners, Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $149 million toward 2,940+ animal health studies, including:

●  Early research that contributed to the parvovirus vaccine for dogs
●  Development of genetic screening tests, including breed-specific tests for heart disease in cats
●  Establishment of safe use of the canine melanoma vaccine in horses
●  Addressed spillover disease outbreaks that kill wildlife, like canine distemper in tigers and lions
●  And so much more!

Chances are, the animals you love have benefited from significant findings of our current and past research.

Now, we invite YOU to join our efforts.

You can help us advance the health of animals everywhere by:

● Donating (Click the “Donate” button above)
● Sharing this page with your friends, family and social networks
● Creating your own fundraiser page and start fundraising yourself. It’s easy and fun!

 Every dollar we raise will advance animal health! Together, we can make a difference for animals everywhere.


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