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In Memory of Jasmine

Created by Amy Albudri

A Carnival For Animals

On 1st April 2020 I lost my best friend, Jasmine, to feline cancer. I was lucky enough to have her for twelve years and miss her every day.

When I saw that The Morris Animal Foundation had released an issue of their 'Animal Friends' magazine entitled 'Tackling Feline Cancer Head On', I decided to mark the first anniversary of her death with something positive. It is in this spirit that I have put together a short online concert of animal themed pieces in Jasmine's memory to help support research into feline disease. The Morris Animal Foundation have contributed to the development of the first vaccine for feline leukaemia, pioneered cat genetic research, and improved the health and welfare of shelter cats. They were also among the first to recognise and invest in better pain management for cats.

By putting this little concert together I hope to support the work of this fantastic organisation by providing a better future for animals like Jasmine. If love could save our pets they would all live forever, but for now we must rely on the advances of medicine to give them the happiest, healthiest, and longest lives possible. Together, we can help eradicate diseases like that which took my friend too soon.

Please help me support advancing the health of animals everywhere by contributing to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your friends and family. Every penny we raise will advance this great cause. Donations made directly on this page are made in US dollars, so remember that every dollar is worth 0.72 pounds sterling! To donate in British pounds please visit the Facebook page.

The concert can be found below; for the best experience please select the 'full screen' option!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page.

Amy Albudri

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