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Clifford & Bonnie: Let's Stop Canine Cancer

Created by Judith Stich

Clifford & Bonnie

Dear Friends of Nicole Tanguy:

Nicole so loved golden retrievers. She had two wonderful dogs: Clifford, often called The Big Red Dog and Bonnie whose full name was Goodtimes Bonnie Blue Bailey. Sadly both dogs succumbed to canine cancer despite a brave fight using the most modern of veterinary treatments.

Canine Cancer needs more research, more medicines, more treatments to help stay the disease and potentially cure the disease.

Will you help? Please honor Nicole's wishes and consider a donation.

Thank you.

So many people have donated to the Clifford and Bonnie: Let's stop canine cancer fund. We are so very grateful for your generosity and your caring heart. Judy (Nicole's sister)

Playing beach ball Golden Retriever style! Clifford, with Nicole and Lilli.

Clifford smelling the Hydrangeas


Clifford readily took to swimming. Bonnie was much more hesitant. Nicole's best friend brought her dog over to give Bonnie swimming lessons.

Bonnie loved the snow even though her paws would be cold. Nicole fitted her with little pink booties and a pink winter coat.


Bonnie Girl January 2019

Clifford The Big Red Dog

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