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Matthew Wong's Legacy Fund

Created by Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong's Legacy Fund


It is with a heavy and broken heart that I share that my beloved son, Matthew Wong, passed away peacefully in his sleep, next to me at home, at the age of 12 years and 8 months (March 10, 2011-November 9, 2023).

On August 9, 2023, Matthew was diagnosed with metastatic hemangiosarcoma. After reaching out to every oncologist in the Bay Area (plus a few more), I selected a team, and with the magnanimous support of Matthew’s GongGong, we proceeded with life-sustaining treatments and palliative care, which included chemotherapy, medications, herbal supplements, blood transfusions, oxygen therapy, nutrition support, and more. Even as Matthew’s cancer progressed, many hospitals began to deny him care, and his immune system developed antibodies to antigens present in most of the donor blood tested, we did not give up. Matthew courageously fought for his life with us with a strength and tenacity that surprised every doctor he met, and with God’s grace and blessing, he continued to live a good quality of life until the very end. I know that he was and is deeply loved and will be missed by all who spent quality time with him.

I hope that Matthew Wong's Legacy Fund will be a place where individuals can donate to help further research for the prevention, earlier detection, and treatment of hemangiosarcoma, one of the most aggressive forms of canine cancer. After creating a separate memorial for Matthew (https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/Sa2abijv/matthew), I realized that a better way to honor my son is by creating a fund to continue his legacy. This idea was born from a conversation with Dr. Joe Fong of Irving Pet Hospital in San Francisco, whose staff and who has personally gone above and beyond in caring for Matthew and our family during his life and after his passing. Although we asked to reimburse Dr. Fong for his numerous aftercare services, he declined and instead suggested that I donate the amount that I think his services are worth in Matthew's name to an animal charity of my choice so that others can benefit.

100% of donations will go towards hemangiosarcoma, and your donations are tax-deductible. Please join us in continuing Matthew's legacy of spreading love, peace, comfort, joy, and more. Thank you very much for your time and support.

With love and immense gratitude and grief,

Tiffany, Matthew’s Mommy

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Summary of Morris Animal Foundation’s Investment in Hemangiosarcoma Research


The Foundation has invested nearly $7.5M (not including the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study) in 79 studies either directly focused on hemangiosarcoma or studies that included hemangiosarcoma in the study population (including some early work looking at cancer as a whole in dogs).

The Foundation has funded 14 studies focused solely on hemangiosarcoma since 1999, with a total investment of $2.1M (these figures exclude training grants). *See Addendum - Hemangiosarcoma grants (current/past) funded at Morris Animal Foundation.

An important addition to this body of work will be the results obtained from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Hemangiosarcoma is an important cancer of golden retrievers and one of several cancers of special interest to the Study.

In addition to samples collected at the time of diagnosis or death, banked samples on affected dogs dating back years may point to risk factors associated with this cancer. This rich data repository provides a unique opportunity for collaboration and research.

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