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The Cathie Turner Sunbeam Fund for Hemangiosarcoma Research

Turner Fund

Cathie’s Fund was created by Bill and Rebecca Kamer together with the Turner Family.

Cathie Turner (1944-2022) began her passion for owning, showing, breeding and judging Golden Retrievers in 1987 and continued to do so until her death. Cathie’s first Golden Retriever, Winston, (shown on the right along with Jenny and Camper in the photo above) died of hemangiosarcoma. Over the years, Cathie worked tirelessly to breed correct, sound and healthy dogs and to attempt to reduce the incidence of hemangiosarcoma among her Goldens.

Under the well-known name of Sunbeam kennel based in Southern California, Cathie produced over 60 American Kennel Club champions including multiple Best in Show winners. Sunbeam dogs also successfully competed in field work and obedience. Additionally, Sunbeam Goldens have become search and rescue and therapy dogs.

Cathie was very active in Golden Retrievers’ education and was designated a Breed Mentor by the Golden Retriever Club of America. She also served as Chairman of the national club’s Breeder Education Committee and produced a series of informative well-received breeder education webinars.

One in five Golden Retrievers is diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and 90% of dogs die within one year following a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, despite surgery and chemotherapy. The Morris Animal Foundation has supported hemangiosarcoma research for more than 20 years. Now, the Foundation intends to take advantage of its own Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to advance hemangiosarcoma research.

Since the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study began in 2012, the Study has amassed millions of data points and biological samples from more than 3,000 enrolled hero dogs. The Foundation hopes to use information from the Study to improve survival for dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and to identify risk factors.

Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds science to advance the health of animals around the world. Since its founding in 1948, the Foundation has invested over $155 million in more than 2,700 studies that have led to significant breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments and preventions to benefit animals worldwide.

Because hemangiosarcoma is only a major problem for dogs, very little, if any, government funding is available to support this expensive research. Cathie’s Fund is assisting Morris Animal Foundation to fill this funding gap. Please help us by supporting this vitally important research to advance the health of Golden Retrievers and dogs everywhere by contributing to Cathie’s Fund and sharing this page with your friends and family.

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