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Alopecia in dogs

Silvie Neradilova

Alopecia in dogs

Welcome to this fundraiser page! I am a researcher from the Czech University of Life Sciences dealing with a disease in dogs, that is considered cosmetic. However, there are breeds where the disease causes more than just a bit of hair loss. I am working with a Czech national dog breed called Cesky Fousek which has quite a high prevalence of the disease, and thus, is suitable for studying alopecia.

There are several types of alopecia and some affect humans as well. I am specifically interested in Recurrent Flank Alopecia (RFA).

It is difficult to find funding for studying this disease because it is considered unimportant. I dare to disagree, some animals are being put down because they get affected and the owners are ashamed of their appearance. Not to mention that Cesky Fousek is a gun dog used for hunting and if its coat is compromised, it cannot be used for its main purpose. Another complication of funding is that the dogs get affected usually only for a part of the year, thus, for the sample collection I have to wait until that time of the year comes again so I can reveal the affected individuals. The funding is usually limited by a number of years and it is not enough time to collect a sufficient number of samples for the study.

This is a way to collect funding and thus, gather more information about RFA so we can help many dogs and hopefully even humans with this kind of skin disease. Thank you for every donation!


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