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Genell and Hero #2230 Frankie

Genell And Hero #2230 Frankie

Genell and Hero #2230 Frankie

I am honored and excited to be walking in Morris Animal Foundation’s National Dog Day Virtual Walk on Saturday, August 27. In celebration of National Dog Day, I’m raising awareness and funds for canine health studies to advance the health of dogs at all stages of their lives! This research includes cancer prevention, heart disease diagnostic tests, pain relief and so much more.

Each year, Morris Animal Foundation works to solve urgent health problems affecting millions of dogs around the world, but they need our help. Please join me by donating to my fundraiser. Together, we can help researchers evaluate new treatments for canine periodontal disease, understand how to better manage obesity and slow the spread of sarcomas in dogs, and address so many other health concerns that cut our dogs’ lives far too short.

And, now through August 31, your gift to my fundraiser is eligible to be matched up to $50,000 by a generous friend of the Foundation, meaning it will go TWICE as far to help dogs!

Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds science to advance the health of animals around the world. Since 1950, the Foundation has invested in more than 1,100 canine health studies that have led to significant breakthroughs to benefit dogs worldwide. From early research that contributed to the parvovirus vaccine to the development of genetic tests for seizures, with researchers, veterinarians and supporters like you, together we make veterinary advances possible.

You can help me improve the health of dogs everywhere by:

● Donating (Click the “Donate” button above)
● Sharing this page with your friends, family and social networks
● Register to walk and start fundraising yourself. It’s easy and fun!

Every dollar we raise will advance this great cause! Together, we can celebrate National Dog Day and make a difference for dogs everywhere.

Oh Friends, look at that huge amount of money for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. So many generous friends. Pinkalicious would be squeaking with joy. Carly and I are so grateful for your generosity to Frankie’s virtual walk. Love you all.


Unbelievable generosity of all Frankie’s friends. I am so touched. I hope this money will help find the cure for cancer. In our Heroes, Supporters and their humans. Love to you all. Thank you for your kindness in the passing of Frankie, aka Hero 2230, Pinkalicious, Frankfurter, Twinkle Toes, Sassy Pants.


Wow look at the generosity of Frankie’s friends. Her walk has now raised $550 for GRLS. I am speechless. Thanks so much friends. You’re GReat. Double this is $1,100 for GRLS. Amazing

I walked 3 km towards my goal!

Thank you everyone for you generous donations! Wow $300 today. And I believe this will be matched so $600 for GRLS. I know Pinkalicious, Frankfurter, Twinkle Toes, Always A Hero 2230 would be squeaking and wiggling with joy today. You’re GReat !

Supporter Carly on our virtual walk today. I wore my bracelet of Hero 2230 Frankie on my wrist


I walked 3 km towards my goal!

Thank you friends for your generosity today in memory of Pinkalicious for Frankie’s virtual walk. Supporter Carly will be doing her 3 k tomorrow.

Frankie did her virtual walk at the Mile Hi GRC Hero Parade on Friday August 19. Frankie loved every minute of greeting the humans and heroes. Thank you everyone for all the TLC you gave my Pinkalicious that day.


Frankie is going to do part of her 3 KM walk on Friday Aug 19 in the Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club’s hero parade. Hope to see you there!


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National Dog Day Virtual Walk

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