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Help Us Fund Life Saving Research

Created by Kellie Dunn

Oso's Osteosarcoma Memorial

As you know, we lost our beloved Oso to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on November 5th. As our lives are forever changed by this loss, we are working to heal our hearts by making a positive difference in the world around us while trying to live more like Oso.

We have felt strongly about holding a fundraiser for canine medical research in Oso's honor with the hope that maybe we can help make it so that in the future other families don't have to go through what we went through. After asking around, we have learned that the Morris Animal Foundation uses funding to support osteosarcoma research in dogs, even providing the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with funds to investigate the use of immunotherapy in dogs with bone cancer, which is one of the most progressive in terms of research.

We also want to use this fundraiser to honor the memory of some other dog buddies that we recently lost to osteosarcoma - Ranger, Astro, Houdini, and Tucker. It's heartbreaking to know how many people connected to us have been devastated by this in the same time frame as us. We want a world where families never get blindsided by this aggressive and silent killer.

Thank you for your help in supporting life saving research for our best friends in the hopes that this terrible disease doesn't have to rob people and their pets of time together. And thank you so much for loving our sweet Oso and for your support of Gary and me through our most difficult time.

If you're interested, here's a link to a blog post that the Morris Animal Foundation wrote about Oso and our family's experience: https://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/article/life-interrupted-insidious-cancer-takes-beloved-dog-too-soon Thank you everyone who has contributed to our fundraiser. It means more than we could ever tell you. We are hopeful that one day osteosarcoma will have a viable treatment.


Thank you for your support from our family <3

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Recent Donations

1. Gary A Szalay
You are in my heart and mind forever. I love you Son.
2. Dunn Family
Love you Oso <3
3. Serina Sanderson
God bless you for all you do. Thank you again for all your help during our evacuation. ❤
4. Kellie A Dunn
5. Reed Adam
6. Sadie Hoxmeier
Oso will forever be missed but let his memory live on and may we find a cure
7. Gary A Szalay
8. Anonymous
9. Kris Kendall
10. Cyndy Rutto
11. Nicholas Dols
12. Jennifer Shouse-Klassen
13. Jillian Avey
14. @ TheNewmanDog
15. Anonymous
16. Lisa Willis Wiltsie
Im memory of one of our very favorite Gorge Dogs...
17. Laura Spinney
Sue do miss you buddy.
18. Floyd Miller
Let's keep fighting for Oso and other pups :)
19. Nancy Parra
20. Dawn & Gary Peront
Your love for Oslo is powerful! So happy you have a new pup to give more love to.
21. Rob Krystofiak
22. Julie Kipp
23. Pat & Mary Dunn
Missing Oso!!
24. Kobe The Pyr
In memory of our dear friend Oso 💙
25. Louise Merlyn
In memory of your wonderful boy, and so that others may get to spend more time with their best friends. Love, Louise
26. Sarah & Alex
27. Abigail Burk
what a big hearted way to remember your sweet boy. he brings so many smiles to so many. lots of love to your family xo Farley & Abby
28. Lara Holder
29. Jennifer Gronholt
30. Rona Kamitakahara
31. Amy Dunn
Love you forever, Oso
32. Andy Marker